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Waxing Pre & Post Care

waxing can cause mild redness and irritation temporarily after use. You may notice that freshly waxed skin is pink or red, and slightly sensitive to the touch.

Your facial products may also burn so you should avoid alcohol-based toners after waxing your face. The redness should usually disappear by the next day or two. Apply a cool compress if it’s tender.

a rash is a possible side effect. This can last for a day or longer. If your rash is severe, or if it spreads, discontinue using your products immediately.

You should avoid waxing to fresh sunburn skin. At the same time, you should take extra care with sun exposure after your wax. The waxing process lifts away parts of your epidermis (the upper layer of skin) along with the hair you’re trying to get rid of. In turn, the effects on your epidermis can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, avoid heavy exercise, swimming, heat treatments such as a hot bath, hot shower, saunas, steam rooms etc. avoid applying perfume, fragrance and essential oils to the treated area.

While rare, it’s possible to get scars from waxing. The risk of this side effect is greater if you use the wax over cuts, get sunburnt, or experience an infection.

Wax can sometimes feel hotter in more sensitive areas of the body, if this is the case then let your therapist know so that the wax can be adjusted to a more comfortable temperature.


  • If you are taking antibiotics or acne medication.

  • Use of skin peeling, and skin thinning preparations.

  • Varicose Veins.

  • Underarms: Mastitis.

  • Skin disorders or diseases, such as bruising or recent haemorrhage, Scar tissue (especially recent).

  • Warts, Moles and skin tabs (area can be avoided).

  • Fractures or Sprains.

  • Bruising.

  • Diabetes – some people with diabetes have skin that is very slow to heal. The skin will be watched closely to make sure it does not overreact to treatments.

  • A sensitivity test may be conducted.

  • Sunburn.

  • Use of sunbeds 24 hours prior to waxing.

  • If you are receiving cancer therapy (chemotherapy or radiation).

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