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Mini Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Rituales & Packs Relax freeing your mind and energising your body with our Rituals and Packs
Girls Enjoy - Spray Tan

Girls Enjoy** 2 .5 hours with spray tan Get ready with a manicure, pedicure and a spray tan!

Girls Enjoy - Facial

Girls Enjoy** 2 .5 hours with facial Get ready with a manicure, pedicure and a mini facial an Express facial!

Drift Away

Begin your journey with a body brush, Aromatic oils and Sea Salt combination for an ultra-hydrating and revitalising peeling Next, enjoy a relaxing sauna with mood lighting, soft music and a blissful 60min massage.

complement your journey with a glass of bubbly or a fresh smoothie, herbal tea and other refreshments.

2 Hours

Total Detox

Starts with a healing ceremony led by the herbal detox sachets applied with essential oils in the foot bath. A wonderful pressure point massage on legs and foot is applied. Next enjoy a relaxing sauna with soft music mood lighting followed by a back massage relieving key areas of tension. finished with a full made to Measure facial, the result is re-hydrated, nourished and protected skin and an overall sense of calm and harmony.

complement your journey with a glass of bubbly or a fresh smoothie, herbal tea and other refreshments.

2.5 – 3 Hours

Cleansing Rebirth Ritual

The Healing rebirth cleansing ritual is performed inside the sauna. A mystic experience that will purify your mind, body and soul in an extraordinary scenery full of magic. Representing Mother Earth, the sauna has been for centuries the place where the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire are gathered for this sacred ritual, that will be blessed with the use of leafy fragrant bundles of birch and eucalyptus twigs, “Venik”. The sauna, at a lower temperature and in a moisture rich environment will be achieved to create a steamy atmosphere, this will allow the body to absorb the healing properties and notably of nature.

The steam is about 15 minutes allowing time for the natural essences to work out the toxins from your body. This ritual includes a salt mineral glow scrub, sauna/steam whisk treatment and enjoyment sauna time.

This incredible journey ends with a refreshing Sensations shower and a balancing tea in our relax area.

Up to 60 mins


Journey To Darjeeling

Enjoy a black soap application to cleanse and purify the whole body, before experiencing our full body kessa exfoliation, leavening your skin silky and smooth. You will then be wrapped in our Green Tea and Ginger body envelopment, helping to increase circulation and detoxify. While wrapped experience our calming scalp massage before the wrap is removed and you finish with the aromatic melted Green Tea & Ginger Shea Butter moisturisation, leaving your body noticeably radiant & beautifully soft. 1hr 30 mins You can select a facial from below for an additional fee.


Bespoke & Prêt-à-porter Treatments

Codage Paris the experts in skincare mixology embody a contemporary approach to expert and tailored-made treatments. Following a professional prescription that reinvents itself to each client, your skincare expert will build a truly unique treatment experience according to your needs.

Renew & Recharge

This head to toe body exfoliation buffs, smooths and nourishes the skin to reveal a radiant glow and is finished with a smoothing application of customized body milk. Ideal before or after sun exposure.

45 Mins

Stress & Tension Release

This deep and targeted massage helps the body to relax. The massage of the upper body and feet eliminates fatigue and tension for a guaranteed anti-stress effect using natural and anti-aging CBD Oil.

45 Mins

Indulge & Relax

This enveloping full body massage using natural and anti-ageing CBD Oil, soothes and relaxes. Your therapist will customise the pressure according to your needs for a moment of pure indulgence.

45 Mins

Slimming & Drainage Treatment

This toning and contouring massage smooths the skin and eliminates toxins to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It combines manual lymphatic drainage, stimulating firming massage, and concentrated body milk for a true sensation of lightness.

45 Mins

Custom Body Treatments

Body Couture treatment

This custom treatment for the body combines the care of a personalised massage using natural and anti-ageing CBD Oil with targeted skincare and incorporates a head and scalp massage to create an indulgent body experience.

90 Min

Custom Face & Body Treatments

Haute Couture Experience

A true icon of Maison CODAGE, this facial treatment and body massage is the ultimate custom-experience that answers all your desires and needs for sublimated skin and a sensation of pure wellbeing.

90 Mins

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