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La Sultane De Saba Spa Journeys

The Journey Begins Here

Inspired by the beauty rituals and secrets that date back to the time of the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra which have been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter, merging tradition with the art of wellness. A luxury artisan spa brand brings natural and therapeutic essences from around the world. – Their rare and precious ingredients are combined to create luxury fragrances and textures like no other.

Inviorating Body Scrub

An authentic exfoliation experience. Using chosen La Sultane de Saba remedy to deeply scrub and rejuvenate the skin. Immediate results for healthy, smooth and silky skin.

Cleansing Bathing Ritual

This intensely cleansing ritual helps eliminate toxins and stimulates circulation. Begin with a Black Soap cleanse, which helps to prepare and soften the skin, before your therapists carries out an accent exfoliating ritual, using a traditional Kessa Mitt, to remove all dead skin cells leaving you feeling you skin feeling revitalised. Shea butter is then applied, leaving you feeling completely nourished and silky smooth.

45 mins

You can select a facial from below for an additional fee

Journey Of Delight

Journey Of Delight This journey revitalises your skin, body and mind from head to toe. Your journey begins with a cleansing foot ritual to calm your mind before we perform our deep cleansing and exfoliating hammam ritual, using a traditional black soap combining crushed olives, argan oil and eucalyptus. Your skin is then prepared and ready to be cocooned in our wrapped in our beautiful honey rose, ginger and rassoul clay. Whilst your wrapped, your therapist will deliver a soothing head massage. To complete the ritual, a full body massage with shea butter to leave you floating and completely relaxed. 3 hours You can select a facial from below for an additional fee

Journey To Darjeeling

Enjoy a black soap application to cleanse and purify the whole body, before experiencing our full body kessa exfoliation, leavening your skin silky and smooth. You will then be wrapped in our Green Tea and Ginger body envelopment, helping to increase circulation and detoxify. While wrapped experience our calming scalp massage before the wrap is removed and you finish with the aromatic melted Green Tea & Ginger Shea Butter moisturisation, leaving your body noticeably radiant & beautifully soft. 1hr 30 mins You can select a facial from below for an additional fee.

Goddess Cleopatra’s Golden Ritual

Start your journey with a full body Moroccan cleansing session from the Far East combined with North African traditions. Cleopatra’s Gold facial will leave your skin feeling firm and luminous, thanks to its rich firming blends of Caviar, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Pearl Extracts and fragments of 23ct gold.

1hr 30min Includes Cleansing Hammam, 30min Gold Facial & Gold Back Massage.


2hr 30min Includes Cleansing Hammam, 60min Gold Facial & Full Body Gold Massage.

La Sultane De Saba Full Spa Luxury Facials

Goddess Cleopatra’s Golden Facial

La Sultane de Saba delves further into the treasures of ancient time… for centuries women have cherished the virtues of gold as a true beauty secret. Cleopatra was known to have applied a gold mask before sleeping… using these precious, healing gold minerals to enhance her beauty and restore a youthful radiance. Cleansing and refining exfoliation to enliven and energise the complexion. A relaxing gold and honey balm glides across the face, neck and décolleté for a firming massage. The balm then emulsifies into a milky gel which further purifies the skin. A gold, radiance-enhancing mask gets to work whilst a relaxing head and scalp massage encourages the mind to relax. A few drops of the anti-ageing gold serum, enriched with caviar, Argan oil and Vitamin E complete this exceptional facial as the complexion’s genuine beauty is unveiled. This opulent facial is ideal for smoothing wrinkles and restoring firmness and luminosity.   

30 min        60 min

Rose Queen Of Flowers Facial

experience a facial using our delicate Rose range, which is renowned for restoring radiance and youthfulness to the skin. This facial tones and nourishes the skin and will leave you with a vibrant and bright complexion.

Rose & Healing Honey Mask is incredibly hydrating, helping to plump and smooth and soften the skin.

BB Brides Rose Cream (Blemish Balm) is designed to cover any imperfections, smooth the skin tone. Traditionally used by ‘brides to be’, to give the skin a warm and healthy glow. It brings an instant pleasant freshness and skin is soothed.

Sui­table for all skin types.

30 mins    60 mins

Aloe Vera, Fig & Orchid Facial

An Ultra water rich organic hydrating moisturising facial with non-greasy ingredients of Aloe Vera, Fig & Orchid provides immediate comfort and plumps the complexion by hydrating and increasing skin elasticity. Your therapist will gently eliminate impurities and remove dry and flaky skin to encourage cellular renewal so that skin feels soft and comfortable.

Sui­table for all skin types.

30 min

60 min

Malaysian Carrot Facial

A beautifying facial that restores radiance and vitality to combination skins. It will illuminate the skin and conceal imperfections. Dsigned to reduces oiliness, whilst balancing sebum levels. This facial is Mineral rich, that helps to enrich complexion and promote a natural healthy glow.

Perfect for oily/ combination skins. Rich in vitamins C and E the carrot will restore vitality. A true booster treatment for a glowing flawless complexion.

30 min


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