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Cells are up to 200% more ACTIVE ONCE hit with a dose of LED light therapy

What Is Led Light Therapy?

NASA originally developed LED lights for plant growth experiments in space. However, since then, LEDs in light therapy or Phototherapy have shown promising results in wound healing, cell stimulation and human tissue growth. Each wavelength of light penetrates the skin at differing levels to stimulate cellular responses. You should opt for a light that is relevant to your skin concerns and needs.

Is Led Safe?

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from radio waves to gamme waves with visible light being part of this spectrum. Visible light is bookended by Infared & UV light which is not visble. LED light therapy draws from this spectrum and leverages lightwaves that are safe for skin exposure and used by a multitude of practices in todays society. Naturally anyone who suffers with a light induced conditions or those that are pregnant should seek medical guidance on usage.

How Does It Work?

Led Phototherapy is the application of beneficial wavelengths to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types as it emits low level light energy in the form of photons. These emitted photons are absorbed by target chromophores below the skin surface and causes cellular responses which are sensitive to specific wavelengths, triggering specific responses in the cells which is turn can affect the skin above & below surface level.

How Often Should You Perform An Led Treatment?

Everyone responds differently to treatments depending on their age and the condition of their skin but as a rule of thumb 1-3 sessions per week for 10-30 mins per session is the standard recommendation.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

In general, best results are achieved and best measured over a skin cycle 12 week period, however Light Therapy can start to stimulate skin results in just a few days, although it’s depending on the condition of the skin, lifestyle factors and other procedures that may be included in the overall treatment program or homecare regime that you are following including the quality of ingredients you are using. A comprehensive approach to skin health will create the best outcome in your skin which will be a combination of skincare, LED and in clinic/spa treatments to support short & long term cumulative benefits for your skin.

What Is The Most Versatile Wavelength?

Red is the most commonly used and clinically reported colour wavelength and that’s because it has lots of proven benefits.. Ranging from Skin ageing, headaches, mood and sleep benefits.

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